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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

RAID Recovery Online Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is RAID Recovery Online?

    RAID recovery Online (RRO) is a world-class online data recovery service for RAID-based systems. RRO offers a secure online recovery solution that minimizes potential disclosure of your private data to inquisitive eyes, and eliminates the risks of damage in the delivery process. For further details, see RAID Data Recovery Online.

  2. Which RAID technologies can RRO recover? Can you recover RAID 5 / RAID 6 / RAID-#?

    RRO recovers data from all types of RAID arrays and sizes and all RAID controller types. Whether you have an off-the-shelf storage product, or a specially customized NAS, software-based or hardware, we can recover your lost data. For further details, see RAID 5 Recovery, RAID 0 Recovery, RAID 1 Recovery and RAID 6 Recovery.

  3. How do I know which files can be recovered?

    When the diagnostic is complete, you receive a list of all the files and folders that can be recovered. As our unique service policy is No Data - No Money, we do not charge you for the recovery if you do not approve this list. This way, customers have absolutely no risk when they choose RRO.

  4. Are my files copied during the recovery process? What is RRO's confidentiality policy?

    When you use RRO services, your files are never copied or removed from your computer. With RRO, we maintain strict confidentiality of your data and ensure that they are not accessed by anyone outside your organization. Also see our Confidentiality policy.

  5. Is there a minimum fee if my data cannot be recovered?

    No, you are under no obligation until you approve the list of files we can recover.
    In the rare case that we are unable to recover your data, you owe nothing!

  6. How does RRO access my data? Is the connection between RRO and my data secure?

    Absolutely! We use well-known tools based on reliable data security technology. The link that is established between RRO and your computer is encrypted and secured by a 256-bit SSL connection.

  7. How to connect your disks for the recovery process:

    To allow RRO to perform an online recovery, you must disconnect your damaged hard disks from your original workstation, and connect them to another stand-alone desktop computer that has no RAID controller installed. For a detailed explanation, see RAID Recovery Environment.
    Our RRO engineers will assist you in connecting your disks safely. If you do not have access to the hardware required to make the connection, you can order a kit that is especially suited to your computer configuration. Kits are delivered within 24 hours of the order in Western Europe and the USA. For more information, see Order a kit.

  8. What do I do if more than one disk in my RAID 5 array has been damaged?

    RRO can recover data from RAID 5 disk arrays even if multiple disks are damaged. However, if more than one disk in the array has been damaged, data recovery is performed at our laboratories. In this case, an RRO representative will explain your recovery options, and will schedule UPS/FedEx courier service to pick up your disks.

  9. Does RRO offer partner programs? What benefit does RRO's partner program offer me?

    RRO's service partner program allows you to save the day for your customers - and earn extra revenue - by offering data recovery services. For more information, see our Partner Program.

  10. Paying for data recovery services:

    When recovery of your data is complete, and you have approved the list of recovered files, you can pay your bill in one of the following two options:
    1. PAYPAL - RRO customer service will send you a bill and a link for payment through the PAYPAL website.
    2. Direct payment to RRO  - using a secure payment form.

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