Legal Terms

  1. The customer agrees that RAID Recovery Online Ltd. (RRO) will perform an online diagnostic and recovery attempt. The customer should note that the process takes between a few hours to 24 hours, and that it is done by remote control, by an RRO engineer, over a secure SSL connection.

  2. RRO is committed to privacy and confidentiality of the materials handled by the recovery team.

  3. The customer understands that the media of the RAID and/or the server could be already damaged and unrecoverable. The customer verifies that RRO will not be held responsible for any damage to the media and/or deletion of data from the media, for any reason. RRO is not responsible for any damage caused as a result of loss of data that was in its possession for any reason. The maximum liability amount that RRO can be accounted for will be 100 USD.

  4. Israeli citizens only will add %15.5 VAT.