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RAID 2 Explained

RAID 2 recovery has some features that are completely unique in RAID recovery scenario. This is because RAID 2 itself is distinct from other RAID levels. This is the only level that does not use one or more of the replication and stripping process. It deals with striping and parity.

This RAID partition recovery process uses the data splitting technique at the bit level and places it in the several number of data disks. We need to keep in mind that these several disks are redundant to each other. These redundant bits are normally calculated on the basis of a special code. This type of codes is called Hamming codes. This is code which has got a specialized error rectification code within.

Every time something is to be written on the RAID array these codes are calculated and written alongside the data. This write procedure is done on the ECC disks. At the time of reading these ECC codes are read as well to confirm zero error. If by any chance any errors take place it would be rectified without any delay.

Level 2 is the only RAID level defined from ages but not used today, for a variety of reasons. Because of the cost involvement and often this requires several drives.RAID2 controller itself requires complex techniques. The performance of RAID 2 is also rather not up to the mark as in transactional environments due to the bit-level striping this is not much helpful.

Due to special disk features required, RAID 2 data recovery is not very popular among the corporate sector where data storage is huge; despite the extremely high data transference rates are highly important. In data RAID recovery we need to keep in mind which level of RAID we will be working for. After the proper detection we need to proceed with the data recovery process.

Whichever level of RAID is used regular and consistent data backup maintenance using several storage systems like tape storage, CD, DVD is must as the regular tape storage is best media to avoid data loss. In corporate world RAID recovery process is highly important as this is a highly sensitive issue. Once a business faces data loss, the impact if massive. The disaster of data loss can lead any organization to stop its regular activity.

In a large organization today’s data is linked with historical data. Hence if one part of the data is lost or damaged be it by physical or logical reasons it creates a disconnect between constant data flow. It leads to wrong reports. Management would not be able to predict any kind of business threats. Hence RAID recovery process plays an important role and proper recovery tools, softwares have to be there. Never the less it is important that data recovery needs efficient and effective skill sets hence we need to keep in mind that recovery process should be carried out under proper vigilance.

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