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RAID 0 Recovery (striped disks)

RAID 0 Recovery

RAID 0 distributes data across several disks to increase storage performance. Data is divided into blocks, and each block is stored on a different drive. RAID 0 has no redundancies, and utilizes the full capacity of the disks. As a result, when even a single disk fails, all of the data becomes inaccessible.

RAID 0 Online Recovery Service

Raid Recovery Online (RRO) provides professional online data and RAID recovery services from RAID-0-based systems. Services are provided online, over a secured channel on the Internet. For a detailed description of the recovery process, please see the Online RAID Recovery process.

Online RAID 0 Recovery Service fees are usually fixed in advance, as a function of the number of disks in the array. However, additional charges may be incurred for the recovery of heavily damaged files in cases of severe file system damage.

Number of drivesPrice (in $)
2 drives950
3 or 4 drives1,350
5 drives or more2,250

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