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Remote Raid Partition Recovery

Hard disc can be divided into several logical disks physically. These are known as volumes. We can name them as C: D: E: etc. These are named generally for the convenience of the end users who are not technically knowledgeable. The part of a hard disk which hold the information about how many volumes are present in a physical disk are known as Master Boot record. Some are also used for several extended partition pointers. These occupy few amount of memory. MBR section is responsible for performing the boot process.

In a RAID array recovery system first we need to understand the RAID partitions properly. Because, in order to perform RAID data recovery process we need to evaluate which part of the RAID need to be replaced or rectified. So, the key for a successful partition recovery or data RAID recovery is to understand the sizes and locations of the missing volumes.

If there is one single disc we can assume that the volume occupies the whole logical drive. The process becomes complex when multiple disc are there under a RAID system. Each disc in a RAID system is part of the RAID array. It appears as a bottleneck to determine the boundaries between the volumes.

We need to run several tools and software to recover the raid partition if we try to recover the data from a damaged medium or drive. Now this can be accidental as well. Few examples where data cannot be accessible are

  • lost or reformatted partitions
  • deletion of a partition image file
  • deletion of a document
  • system malfunction
  • OS is unable to detect a particular volume or drive
  • Files and folders are corrupted

These days there are several partition recovery software available in the market through which we can recover the lost data very easily. Few of them have their own features of raid recovery technique which simplify the process of Raid rebuild. Some of them has got internal wizard to make the process more user friendly.

For any organization data is invaluable. There is no alternate solution for lost data. If we face any kind of data loss this can be a disaster. It could also lead to wrong calculation of accounts or business turnover. As a result business can face severe consequences.

At the primary stage of the failed raid array partitions are done by the data recovery professionals. They need to perform the inspection in such a way so that they can understand whether the crash is logical or physical.

Now logical crash takes place because of usage of inappropriate software configuration. Physical crash happens because of disc drives or hardware raid controllers malfunctions. In this situation replacement would be the best option.

Before we perform a successful partition recovery we need to understand the in and out of the partition. In a RAID system it requires a lot of effort to recover the data which is precious for the end user.

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