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Shlomi Koartreller, CEO, Dell Israel
"Thanks for the recovery of my hard disk at an unconventional hour of the night..."
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Satisfied customers and their stories about their data recovery experiences with us.

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Our customers

Bob Nicolai, A & B Computers, Netherlands

After a server upgrade our client's RAID 5 volume became inaccessible. I tried to recover the data with several data recovery tools, with no success. We decided to try remote RAID Data recovery at RAID Recovery Online.

Most of the data was recovered within 24 hours and the rest was available shortly after that. I was really impressed by RRO professional service and helpful support and will definitely use RRO services in the future!

dynamic works logo

Angelos Gregoriou, dynamic works, Cyprus

Losing a RAID 5 volume is bad enough, but losing valuable critical data is nearly a disaster. Luckily, when my server crashed and it was proven that one of the critical 3rd party software applications we have been using had not performed proper backup for a certain period of time, we turned to RAID recovery Online 's Remote RAID 5 Recovery service.

After a quick diagnostic process I was happy to receive the great news - all of the required data was recoverable. Within a day, my server was up and running with up-to-date data. The prompt response and professional service throughout the whole process have turned this experience from a nightmare to an anecdote.

I will gladly recommend their services to anyone.

Channel 2 logo

David Yogev, Deputy CEO, Channel Two – News Company

I would like to thank you for the successful recovery of our graphic system which crashed even though we were running a RAID environment (UNIX BSD). I was pleased with your professional customer service with a personal touch, which contributed to the resolution of our problem.

I am sure that we can continue to work together in the future (even if only on prevention issues). Good luck !

Dell logo

Shlomi Koartreller, CEO Dell Israel

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the recovery of our drive at an unconventional hour of the night. I wish to note your professional service, polite service, speed, and real-time response.

IBM logo

Arik Shlomovitz, Software Product Manager, IBM

In the short acquaintance of our firms, you demonstrated extraordinary professionalism and a high standard of service… Continue on this path and I am sure that you will go far.

HP logo

Kfir Katzover, HP

All I have is praise ...
You provide professional and fast service, at a fair price.

EMC logo

Yossi Pickel, Mid-East Area Manager, EMC Israel

I would like to thank you for the complicated recovery job you had. You have proven special skills and professional service, while recovering 100% of the data. I would mention that a leading data recovery firm in USA tried to recover the data - finding no solution to the complicated damage.

I would recommend your services to all my friends.

Sun logo

Motty Sadovsky, Marketing manager, Sun Miscrosystems

I contacted Tic Tac after a severe failure. After several hours I was notified that all the data was recovered successfully and at fair price. Thanks again for you efficient and ultra-fast service.

Sofaware logo

Ziv Shenhav, Software Technologies (Checkpoint Group)

Thank you very much for the successful, rapid, and professional recovery of our faulty disk.

Comverse logo

Aviram Niron, IT Director, Comverse

For the last six years, Comverse has used Tic Tac Technologies’ services for its data recovery needs. High standards, customer relations, speed, and pricing – all together and each of these alone is what our company needs when it requires data recovery – and they all are satisfied fully by Tic Tac. You delivered complete success in recovering the specified data, quick and kind service, reasonable prices. With several dozen recovery events behind us, Tic Tac fully meets our expectations and our requests are satisfied.

IBM logo

Faigenboym Dimitry, IT Manager, IBM Software Group

Recently my hard disk was damaged seriously. I lost all my C drive. We looked for a company that could recover the bad disk and restore as much files as possible. We selected Tic Tac for this job.

I would like to thank Tic Tac for the great job that they did. They succeeded in restoring a lot of data. Compared to other attempts, including running programs inside IBM lab, the results were amazing. Tic Tac located many files, although most of the folders lost their names, the organization of the files is understandable, and I could get most of my important data.

I am ready to have a good reference. Thanks again to Tic Tac.

Motorola logo

Oded Stapler, Unix System Manager, Motorola Telecom

Thank You for your quick service. The disk was restored to our complete satisfaction. I will recommend Tic Tac services within our company for future malfunctions.

Ichilov logo

Dr. Gaby Chausho, Director of Mouth and Jaw Surgery, Ichilov Tel Aviv Medical Center

With great happiness I wish to express my gratitude for the rapid data recovery, your service, and personal touch. You were of great help in recovering material that was of extreme importance to me in my studies and teaching. For this, I hope you see a blessing in your work, Thank you !

Technion logo

Shmuel Isrovitz, IT Manager, Faculty of Medicine, Technion

As a result of a series of power outages last weekend, the computer of the Faculty of Medicine Director’s secretary crashed completely, as a result of the complete destruction of all the computer parts including the hard drive. At our computer unit, although we managed to save disks in similar situations in the past, we were unfortunately unable to do so this time.

We immediately came to our senses, and contacted you. We received instructions on what to do, and we packed up the disk and sent it to you. The very next day we received your response, and I understood that you managed to save the files. As you understood, the computer contained invaluable information which would require months or even years of work to reproduce manually from printouts.

Thousands of thanks to you for a professional job, and courteous, rapid, reliable service. I also wish to extend a personal thanks on behalf of Ms. Miri Pinto, the owner of the computer, and myself, and on behalf of the Faculty of Medicine and the Technion.

HUJI logo

Prof. Elyahu Richter, Hebrew University – Jerusalem

I want to thank you for your dedicated and professional service in retrieving the lost data from my disk. The data contained sensitive research material of extreme importance. Your service was incredible, and although I do not understand much about computers, you were very patient and understanding. I owe you my gratitude...

ITTF logo

Adham Sharara, Head of the International Table Tennis, Ottawa, Canada

I highly recommend the services of Tic-Tac Data Recovery for the data recovery of your damaged hard-drive. Based on my own experience, I do not think that there is another company able to recover data from a damaged disc as well as Tic-Tac.

My computer and a travel back-up were both damaged at London Heathrow airport by security who accidentally dropped both on the floor while processing passengers through the security line, due to a very crowded area and stressed staff. Only after returning home to Canada did I realize that both my computer and the back-up were severely damaged, with the back-up completely destroyed. Our local usual repair service provider could not fix the problem. They could not extract the data from my hard-drive. They sent the drive to another local company specializing in data retrieval but they also failed. It was obvious that the drive was severely damaged and that the drive head was also damaged. The drive was sent to the manufacturer's (Seagate) lab for retrieval. After one week, the drive was returned, and I was recommended to give up because they could not read the data.

This is when I discovered Tic-Tac Data Recovery in Israel. I contacted them and received an immediate reply. I shipped the hard-drive to them immediately by courier, and from that moment on I was in contact day and night with Mr. Yoav Silberstein, who did everything possible to retrieve the data. After several days, I was informed that they had succeeded in reading the data and that they would proceed to extract the data onto another hard-drive. I was amazed at the fact that Mr. Silberstein responded to my inquiring e-mails around the clock. Eventually, I received a long list of recovered files as well as a shorter list of damaged files. This was great. I recovered nearly 75% of my data. On further enquiry, Mr, Silberstein agreed to try and recover even some of the damaged files. I am not sure how they do it, but he was able to recover some of the very important files I needed even though they appeared to be damaged. At the end, I could say that I recovered over 80% of the files after I had thought that I had lost everything. I am extremely pleased with the service received and I certainly recommend to everyone who needs data recovery not to waste their time with any other company and go directly to Tic-Tac Data Recovery. You will not regret it.

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